Pompeo vows to slap 'strongest sanctions in history' on Iran

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo warned Monday that the usa would impose "the most powerful sanctions in records" towards Iran if it did not agree to alternate direction.

"we can apply exceptional economic pressure at the regime," Pompeo said in his first predominant overseas policy deal with, added at the conservative background basis. "The leaders in Tehran will haven't any doubt approximately our seriousness."

Pompeo outlined an trade route: reprieve from sanctions and recuperation of full diplomatic and economic family members should Iran meet a list of 12 demands aimed at the heart of Iran's overseas coverage agenda.

among other matters, Iran should end all army aspects of its nuclear program, stop uranium enrichment, completely withdraw from Syria and give up guide for terrorist agencies, Pompeo said. Pompeo additionally demanded the release all U.S. residents and people of U.S. companions and allies "detained on spurious costs or lacking in Iran."

"even as to some, the adjustments in Iranian behavior we are trying to find can also seem unrealistic, we ought to take into account that what we're pursuing was the global consensus before the JCPOA," said Pompeo, relating to the Joint comprehensive plan of action, the 2015 nuclear cope with Iran followed below the Obama administration. "We are not asking whatever aside from Iranian conduct this is consistent with international norms and the elimination of its potential to threaten our international with its nuclear activities."

The Trump management ended U.S. participation in the JCPOA — an settlement that also includes Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China as signatories — this month after concerted efforts by using ecu partners to salvage the deal.

"i have spent a excellent deal of time with our allies inside the past week, and they may try and maintain the vintage nuclear deal going with Tehran. that is their selection to make," Pompeo stated. "They recognise in which we stand."

Now, the secretary says the U.S. is pursuing a bigger Iran deal with a broader worldwide coalition, asking for the guide of U.S. allies beyond Europe, inclusive of Australia, Japan, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

speaking at an occasion in Argentina, U.okay. overseas Secretary Boris Johnson called Pompeo a "remarkable guy" however said he notion a new "jumbo" Iran treaty might be very tough to gain.

"I assume if you attempt now to fold all the ones problems — ballistic missiles, Iran's conduct, Iran’s disruptive activity within the area, nuclear interest — in case you try to pull all of those right into a massive negotiation, a brand new jumbo Iran negotiation, a brand new treaty," Johnson stated, "I don’t see that being very easy to achieve in something like a reasonable timescale."

Pompeo stated the timeline for trade is up to the Iranian humans.

"at the stop of the day the Iranian human beings get to make a desire approximately their management," Pompeo stated in reaction to a query from the target audience. "in the event that they make the decision quickly, that would be excellent. in the event that they pick no longer to accomplish that, we will live hard at this till accomplishing the outcome I set forward."

The Pentagon also seemed to indicate a extra aggressive policy on confronting Iran Monday, announcing that they might "double down" on moves to confront Iran’s "malign impact" in the area.

"we're going to take steps essential to address Iran’s have an effect on in the region," Col. Rob Manning, a Pentagon spokesman, advised journalists. "it's miles a whole of presidency method."

Manning did no longer outline concrete steps that the Pentagon would possibly take, but.

"it is on the desk. We aren't going to rule out something," he stated.

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